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45% of the UK SME market are on default contracts – gov.uk

EnergyRocks Industry Facts.

A Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) report in 2016 identified that a staggering 45% of all SME’s in the UK are on out-of-contract rates with their energy supplier. Out of contract rates are typically 50-80% higher than rates that are ‘in contract’.

Further reports estimate that a further 40% are over paying whilst in contract with their energy supplier. This means that 85% of the entire UK SME market are over paying on their energy bills.

EnergyRocks is here to change that.

To many businesses across the UK we are a trusted partner.  Their Energy Partner.  We work on their behalf and handle all aspects of their energy supply management.  From dealing with suppliers, reconciling bills, handling complaints, to negotiating with new suppliers, and changing over the supply, our experienced team are on hand to deal with it all.

We work hard to save you time, money and headaches! Leaving you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Energyrocks saving


Average annual saving made by EnergyRocks.

Energyrocks number of SME


The estimated number of SME’s overpaying on their energy bills.

Energyrocks % of SME


% of SME’s who we can save money for.

Why clients work with EnergyRocks.

We save all of our clients both time and money, and release them from the stress and headache that can come with managing their energy supply.  

In addition to this, we can secure your savings for a number of years and avoid increases throughout your contract. That’s right! No price increases for upto three years.

We don’t only say these things, we put it down on paper and sign our names to it, we call it our Savings Promise.

Energyrocks Ofgem Compliance

Ofgem Compliance

With a background in the heavily regulated residential energy market, we bring the same practices and code of ethics with us to the commercial sector.

Energyrocks Technology and Fast Quoting

Technology and Fast Quoting

Our unqiue Smart Energy System scans the entire market, it won’t allow a switch unless we save our clients money.

Energyrocks Unrivalled Support

Unrivalled Support

Our team can help with a wide range of energy related queries from reconciling bills to getting SMART Meters setup.

Energyrocks Savings Promise

Savings Promise

Our unique Savings Promise ensures savings for the client, if we can’t save, we won’t switch.

Energyrocks Tens of Thousands of Energy Switches

Tens of Thousands of Energy Switches

Our team is very experienced, making tens of thousands oenergy switches per year.

Energyrocks Award Winning Software

Award Winning Software

Our residential software is considered the best in its class – now we are bringing our expertise  to the commercial energy sector.


Average Annual Saving


Renewal Quotes We Beat

  • Average Annual Saving 28%
  • Renewal Quotes We Beat 100%

We work with the entire energy market, here are just a few of the companies who love working with Energyrocks.

Energyrocks SSE
Energyrocks EDF Energy
Energyrocks opus Energy
Energyrocks British Gas Energy
Energyrocks PFP Energy
Energyrocks eon Energy

“Our aim is to change the perception of the commercial energy market. With around 85% of the SME market overpaying for their energy, we know our service can make a huge impact in the industry.”

Stephen Henesy

Managing Director, EnergyRocks

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