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Terms of Service

We like to think we do things differently here at Energy Rocks, thats why we make the following promiseto all of our customers.

• Energy Rocks will NEVER switch your energy provider unless we are saving you money on your overall energy spend.

• We will NEVER charge you for our Smart Energy Service which we will provide to you. Thats right, it will ALWAYS be a FREE service.

• We will evaluate your current energy costs and you agree that if Energy Rocks can make savings you give full authority to Energy Rocks to enter into a new energy supply agreement on your behalf – ONLY if we can save you money.

• If Energy Rocks cannot save you money on your current contract we will NOT make any changes to your supply.

• If Energy Rocks can save on your renewal or out of contract rates – you authorise Energy Rocks to switch your energy to avoid paying higher out of contract rates.

• If Energy Rocks are able to secure your energy prices for a period longer than 12 months, to secure you savings over a longer term, you give full authority to Energy Rocks to agree a multi year energy supply agreement on your behalf.  For a period of no longer than 3 years.